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“Everybody has a part of her body that she doesn’t like, but I’ve stopped complaining about mine because I don’t want to critique nature’s handiwork…..  My job is simply to allow the light to shine out of the masterpiece.”- Alfre Woodard


At Wombology™, we want you to embrace your beauty in all of its uniqueness.  We want to be filled with overflowing and abundant love for yourself and yourself.  We encourage all women to practice self-care and self-love every moment of each day.  There is only one of you and you deserve your love.


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womb love

By Katoyia Bellamy

78 pages, published 1/5/2018

Contrary to societal stigmas, a woman’s monthly cycle is a beautiful thing. It is her life force and therefore the life force of mankind. No woman should ever be made to feel ashamed of her womanhood.  God blessed women with the ability to create life and harness His greatness within them. This planner is an ode to women and their bodies. It allows you to track your monthly cycle and your most productive moments around your cycle. Use it…