The Yoni

You may wonder, “What is the Yoni?”

The Yoni is the life-force of all of woman kind.  It is the source from which all life comes from, the Source of All.  “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “womb” or “sacred space.” It translates to the word “origin”.  It is more than sex, it is life.  Worship of the Yoni is one of the oldest religions in the world.  It’s symbol has been worshiped in Eastern cultures for bestowing life, creativity and love dating back to 30,000 BC. However, in modern times, and with the establishment of Abrahamic religions and especially in Western cultures, this type of worship is no longer wide spread.  The thought even seems impossible for some.  In reality, the Yoni possesses the most magical and creative power of all things.

The Yoni is known by many names:  Vagina, Pussy, Cunt, PocketBook, Socket, Vajayjay, Fingerhut, Honeypot, Beef Curtain, Vulva, Conejo, Pepa, Venis Fly Trap, Meat Wallet, Juicebox, Hot Pocket, Vag, Bearded Oyster, Punani, Fuzzy Taco, Coochie, Crotch, Peach, Apple, Cherry, Dick Microwave, Oval Office, Little Red Wagon, or whatever else you may want to call it.  Often, these works have a negative connotation rather than a positive and uplifting one.  The Yoni is special and unique and deserves the utmost respect.


“Why do people say “grow some balls”? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”
― Betty White


For some reason, when we begin the dialogue of women’s body parts, people seem to get their panties in a bunch.  They become so uncomfortable about something that is no natural.  Yet, comfort is extremely high with the sexualization of a woman’s body for the pleasure of men.  Phallic worship is not only tolerated, it is encouraged.  When women take ownership of their own body, talk about real body issues, or show excitement over their own pleasure, a woman’s body suddenly becomes something to hide or not talk about in decent company.   Women are told how it should look, smell, be covered and when it should be shown.  Yet, now, more than ever, women have high percentages of sexual and reproductive issues.  Something has to give.


“Body hatred has been defined as a personal problem.  But it is a social problem, a political problem, a cultural problem.  It is not accidental or incidental.  It is induced, injected, and programmed…. The antidote to body hatred is social activism and community.  None of use is strong enough to stand up to the daily onslaught of propaganda, imagery, programming, seduction, and mind control.  But as a group, we can shift the tyranny.”

– Eve Ensler


According to Inner Traditions International, Yoni means:

Y= The animating principle, the heart, the true self, union

O= Preservation, brightness

N= Lotus, motherhood, menstrual cycle, nakedness, emptiness, pearl

I= Love, desire, consciousness, to shine, to pervade; pain and sorrow

Vaginas are awesome.  The entire world was constructed around them.  You see them in fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, trees, rock formations, volcano formations, the stars, and in so many other instances found in nature.  The Yoni is even found in ancient currency, the cowrie shell.  Heck, it is even the basis of the Holy Grail. There is no need to be shy about the gift that you have been given, the gift of life.  Because the Yoni is so very important, tender love care of the Yoni is a must.


Natural soap is a must.  When I say natural, I mean natural.  Like free of artificial chemicals and synthetic fragrances.  On the lips on the vagina rests some of the thinest skin of the body with hundreds of vessels that pull substances straight into the body.  Dryness, itchiness, yeast infections, pain during intercourse can all be contributed to the type of soap used (amongst other factors).  Allergic reactions are also possible.  Colored soap should be colored with natural minerals and plant based dyes such as minerals and herbs. When looking at the ingredient list, if it doesn’t sound edible, you would not want to put it on your vaginal tissue.  Soaps made with olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter are a good start.


Yoni Eggs are are polished gem stones that are inserted into the vagina for both pleasurable and spiritual purposes.   Practicing with a Yoni Egg not only helps tighten the vaginal walls; it also awakens the tissues, organs, and muscles, promotes new nerve growth, and increases overall sensitivity. This will allow you to experience pleasure you didn’t even know was possible. Be prepared to experience new kinds of orgasms. If you’ve never had a vaginal orgasm before, diligent practice can change this and open up entirely new types of sensation and pleasure.  At the same time, using a Yoni Egg allows a women to become more intimate with herself and learn her body.  She also becomes connected with her being.



The Womb Love Cup™ is a healthcare grade silicone that is suitable for use by all women, including those with latex allergies.   The Womb Love Cup™ is nitrosamine and latex-free making it very safe for daily use.  Reusable menstrual products present an opportunity for real financial savings over time.  Not only are you saving money, but you are also saving the environment.  The experience of using a Womb Love Cup™ is actually a bit more comfortable than using a tampon.  Not only are you more free, but you have excellent protection.  The Womb Love Cup™ can be worn on average for 10-12 hours a day.  When full, you can empty and clean and then place back inside of the vagina.



Natural Sanitary Cloths are a great alternative to regular pads and tampons.  These often are made of organic or sustainable cotton.  Brands also offer organic bamboo as well.  Conventional pads and tampons are filled with pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and are often tested on animals.  Natural sanitary cloths are free of fragrances, hypoallergenic, processed without chemicals containing chlorine or plastics and are not tested on animals. By choosing to use washable and reusable menstrual pads and cups you are no longer exposing yourself to the potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic materials found in most disposable pads and tampons.  You are also able to avoid things like Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and other possible infections.



The Womb Love Box™ is a curated cruelty-free box of handmade items that support womb wellness and foster a deeper spiritual connection and loving relationship with one’s self.  Each product selected from a variety of womanpreneurs who are dedicated to the service of helping other women feel beautiful and inspired within themselves.   Each monthly box includes 4-6 full-size items which can including handmade soap, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, herbal teas, books, handmade jewelry, and more.  Each month is different from the next.  We only choose items made by other women that are uplifting and meant to empower us to love on ourselves more.  You can get yours here.

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“I know the human body from the cradle to the grave.  I’m a mother.  I was an art student.  I love bodies in every guise.  They’re nature, so by nature they’re beautiful.”

-Patricia Polk


Love your body and all of its parts, curves, and crevices.

With love and light,